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Mike Koenigs & Vivian Glyck

Mike Koenigs, and his wife, Vivian Glyck talk with Yanik Silver about about the intersection of Business Commerce and also the non-profit that Vivian heads up, Just Like My Child.

Mike has been involved at the intersection of video and film industry as well as before in the entertainment industry working with luminaries like Tony Robbins, and Vivian is a really amazing woman who is now applying her business background in the work she does with Just Like My Child.


    Diane Calvi

    Diane Calvi CEO Village Enterprise   Dianne.Calvi64.mp3 Yanik: Hey everyone, this is Yanik Silver and with me is my co-host Elizabeth Page. We’ve got another exciting interview here on our Audacious Innovators series with Dianne Calvi, President and CEO of Village Enterprise. She has a background of over 20 years in international management experience prior to joining Village Enterprise and served for five years as President of Bring Me a Book Foundation. A quick summary of Village Read More =>

      Greg Clement

      Greg Clement Co-Founder Happy Blankie Yanik Silver: Hey everyone. This is Yanik Silver, and my co-host Elizabeth Page. Yanik Silver: We’re talking with audacious innovator, Greg Clement, who is a CEO of Realeflow--a multi-million dollar real estate company that serves the worlds of real estate investing and internet marketing. We brought Greg in at the Underground seminar to talk about what he was doing for amazingly successful launches. Greg mentioned Happy Blankie on stage Read More =>

        Karen Maples

        Karen Maples Founder MYUTIQ   Elizabeth: Welcome to Audacious Innovators—celebrating the rewards of innovation and deconstructing its risks to accelerate your business -- making a difference while making a living. We are daring entrepreneurs to tell the back-story of their success being a social entrepreneur, and I'm delighted to welcome Karen Maples who’ll be talking about innovation. Elizabeth: 30% of the Blackberry users in enterprises of 10,000 employees or more plan Read More =>

          Yanik Silver

          Yanik Silver Founder of Maverick Business Adventures Elizabeth: Hello, I am with Yanik Silver, co-host of Audacious Innovators and founder of Maverick Business Adventures. Yanik, you said that is that innovation comes at the point of collision between business and adventure. So what’s your take on that.? Yanik: Innovation comes with adventure where unique experiences and different places and situations take you out of the ordinary workplace environment. That is where my idea for Read More =>

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              The Audacious Innovators Story

              Elizabeth Page and Yanik Silver, both serial entrepreneurs, have envisioned this site as a collaborative laboratory for sustainable entrepreneurship -- a safe and inspired place for creative destruction generating continual innovation. Sustainable entrepreneurship and social enterprise are the vehicles of this expression. And we’re serious about having fun doing it. Read More . . .